About the Consortium

The University-Based Child and Family Policy Consortium seeks to inform social policy that optimizes child and family wellbeing.

The Consortium engages members around the core components of the Consortium’s mission:

Consortium members participate in webinars, share resources on the Consortium listserv, and collaborate on various Consortium projects.


The Consortium was founded in 2002 by a handful of interested university leaders and today has up to 25 member entities. In 2009, the Consortium launched its initial website and received funding from the Foundation for Child Development to establish a strategy and business plan. In 2011, the Consortium started hosting webinars on child and family policy issues. In 2015, the Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD) became the Consortium’s administrative host. Today, the Consortium has a growing listserv and is expanding web content to better serve the needs of members.

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